Ren and stimpy adult party cartoon naked beach frenzy

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ren and stimpy adult party cartoon naked beach frenzy
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Burping Beach Farting Frenzy (Ren and Stimpy)

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Naked Beach Frenzy

This episode is one of three that did not air on television in North America. - Next Episode Previous Episode.

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Naked Beach Frenzy (Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon")

The series originally ran from June 26 to July 24, , and was eventually cancelled. The show's creator, John Kricfalusi , had many altercations with the network, [1] [2] eventually culminating in his termination. Some of the original voice cast members returned, with the notable exception of Billy West , original voice of Stimpy and voice of Ren and Mr.

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The Chihuahua named Ren and his brainless cat pal, Stimpy, return with a higher scatology quotient in this animated series intended for mature viewers. With new life on the Spike TV network, the series' writers were free to explore plotlines that would have been censored on Nickelodeon. The duo enjoy themselves at the beach. Ren demonstrates his respect for the female form; Stimpy finds comfort in a huckster's bosom.


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  1. Directed by Kelly Armstrong, Bob Jaques, John Kricfalusi. With John Kricfalusi, Eric Bauza, Jose Pou, Kristy Gordon. Ren's attempts to hook up with ladies at a.

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