Zach and jonna dating

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MTV Battle of the Exes II : Zach & Jonna Tea?

zach and jonna dating
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Jonna responds to Zach's constant criticism in this exclusive 'Challenge' interview .
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Jonna Mannion

She was also student council president and her school. - Discussion in ' Reality Tea-V ' started by trulyloved , Feb 4,

Whether it's because she went for a suitor her friend saw first or took her beau's side instead of her best friend's, Jonna has qualified for "Rivals" twice now due to her dating record. - Jonna loves to dance and to play softball.

On 's "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons," Zach , a rookie, was reduced to tears at the thought of life without his new crush Jonna you can catch their teary exchange below , but three years and a corresponding failed relationship later, his tune has changed, to say the least. On last week's " Battle of the Exes 2 " episode , though Zach was at fault for a penalty he and his ex-girlfriend incurred, he nevertheless continued his trend of loudly shaming Jonna. Typically, Jonna might keep her mouth shut and accept the role of scapegoat, but finally, before a trip to The Dome, she stood up and bit back at her partner -- and she told MTV News at the recent filming of this season's reunion special that she's very glad she did.

Another season bites the dust! It felt like yesterday we were writing about who we thought would be the winners. My bets were on Team Austin…but who even remembers them being on the show? With Team Austin being the Veteran team getting booted off in the first two weeks- we knew this season would a bring a lot more rookie drama. We also knew halfway through the season, Team San Diego was looking mighty fine for the first place spot, since they were clearly the team that was controlling the game. Vegas seemed like a good competitor, up until Nany and Alton were booted off and Vegas was left with Dustin and Trishelle. With a big surprise win last week, Vegas solidified their entrance into the final challenge by winning power team.

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