To live and shave in la

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To Live and Shave in L.A.

to live and shave in la
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To Live And Shave In L.A.

Lyrics: Tom Smith Flaming out of your stumps and knots Mouthing the penis of an optimist Heard his Dublin days of joy propos'd Failed to double-glass the count-struck soil An unbroken suck of dreadful darts Bled sharpshod into "Minar thirty-aught" It meant killing to clothe a black-boiled drop Flame out beyond your pop-eye props Nerves are gone, teeth a bloody blot Corss hair, lock-tight thirty-aught - Spatters of a Royal Sperm.

Friday, 12 July, MKM! - More Images.

Hello Droogs, Happy ! To Live and Shave in L. Forgive the spotty updates in the last quarter - we were dealing with serious health issues and I was just too preoccupied to focus. For the nonce, a few images from the trail. Best, Tom. Hi all,.

Veteran avant-rock band-- which counts Andrew WK and Don Fleming among its members-- returns with a swampy, slow, queasy record that hearkens back to the nascent days of no wave. This latest collection of exaltations from TLASILA isn't any less confrontational than works of the past-- Noon and Eternity consists of four tracks, none shorter than nine minutes, with two of them taking up two-thirds of the album's total running time. If you're looking for that 70s glam vibe, you'd be better off hitting yourself in the head with Mott the Hoople records. The other reference points mentioned above, however, are all over this thing. The music-- swampy, slow, queasy-- hearkens back to the nascent days of no wave, with Smith's lugubrious vocals not dissimilar to Arto Lindsay's hoarse whispers. Good luck picking out the words, though-- no doubt Tom Smith means what he says, but he's not going to actually come out and just say it.

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  1. To Live and Shave in L.A. - Bad Couple by Tom Smith / TLASILA / KSV | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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