Jett and nina

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Jett & Nina II 5798 Kiss & Hug

jett and nina
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Jett Palmer

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Jett James

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He's also the foster son of John's second wife, Gina Austin. He's also the ex-boyfriend of Nina Bailey and Skye Peters. He's currently an army lieutenant.

Jett and Nina 2013 Kisses and Hugs

While John was quick to keep an eye on him, Gina punished him for the bullying but let him stay at the school and after meeting his mother Liz, who was illiterate and on sick pay, vowed to keep an eye on him. Jett pretended to apologise to VJ and claimed they were friends now but instead stole his lunch and got him to give him free meals at the Diner. He approached Heath and asked him for some drugs but Heath turned him away. He was questioned by Senior Sergeant Emerson but claimed not to know where he was at the time. When Gina questioned him about missing school, he told her Liz was back in hospital. He turned Gina away when she came to the house to see Liz, although Xavier later spoke to her while Jett was out.

After trying to survive for two days on their own, Jett thinks it's time for him and Nina to call John. However, when Jett goes to get his phone, he discovers that the battery is flat and they prepare for another night in hiding. Jett and Nina are almost sprung trying to steal food from the farm house, but manage to evade detection for a little while longer. He convinces them that running away is not the answer. Spencer returns the kids to a distraught John, and Jett is worried that John may never forgive him.

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