Lovense max and nora

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Lovense: Long-Distance Sex Toys Review

lovense max and nora

Getting Edged & Cumming Hard from Vibe Patterns - 60 FPS - Lovense, Nora

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Nora. His Sex Toy. Max 2. Quick Response Time. Feel your partner movements in nearly real time. Inbuilt with advanced sensors, you feel all your partner's.
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Our long distance sex toys are the best way to stay intimate!

Just remember this image. That field is teledildonics. Lovense contacted me to see if I would be interested in giving Max a shot and I was pretty excited.

First Hand Lovense Review (Max & Nora, Hush & Lush)

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Written by: Don Watson Updated: March 1st, A newer version of the Max, The Max 2, is now available. Also, the original Max will no longer continue to be manufactured, expect it to be out of stock shortly after this article is posted. Are you looking for a toy that massages your penis in a way unlike any other sex toy? The Lovense Max uses teledildonics to stimulate the user either self controlled, or remotely by a partner.

It is true that sharing a sexual life despite the distance can be quite a challenge. You can do it by texting, by calling or even by Skyping, but nothing compares to real touch. Physical touch. This is where Lovense and its long-distance sex toys can help you and your couple.

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