Julia blade and soul

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julia blade and soul
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Naked Dance - Blade and Soul

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By freadymac22 , September 18, in General Discussion. I have heard of a vilian in this game but i cant find a lot of bio and information about her so can someone clarifay me who is that charcther and what he know about it. This is really cool is there any other information about her you can provide me i think this characther is very interesting.
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By Viblo , January 14, in General Discussion. - By Shilen , April 25, in General Discussion.

By Torunder , August 4, in General Discussion. A clan mate told me zulia was censored, so i went to sogun and to my surpise she was censored, now you can't see her huge brasts. Overexageretad bodies and appealing figures is a huge part of why we play this game, why censor it , when you said there wouldnt be any censorship in this version? They said pre launche that they will NEVER censor anything in this game, that everything the K version has we will have completely uncensored. Junhado's costumes went downhill with every update.

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  1. Sanzu was born to the last Master of the Aransu School, Sun Quan. As a child, she was very willful, bossy, and stubborn. Because of this, her.

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