Crossdresser in bra and panties

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Do you wear a bra and panties daily

crossdresser in bra and panties
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I usually wear panties to work, and sometimes stockings. I wore a shear bra a few times, and was very nervous someone would find out.
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I have been wearing all kind of Lingerie to work now for about 3 years and nobody has either never noticed or just has not said anything, that is till the other day. A young lady in the office came up to me and told me it was very courage's of me to be who I want to be, I asked her what she meant and she told me she noticed that I wear a Bra and camisole and thought that it was cool that I dress the way I want to I didn't tell her that I also had on Panties and Thigh high nylons with lace tops. We got talking and have become pretty good friends, she even goes out shopping with me sometimes and we buy our lingerie together, she even has me wearing Woman's slacks instead of pants, I was surprised how comfortable they are ad nobody has noticed the difference.

My sister and I were and very close and still are, we lived in Florida and she loved to bring in her bedroom and have me put on a bra, panties.
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I love wearing a bra and panties every day and try to wear something girly with my outfit every day. Do you girls wear bras and panties daily or how often. I may set a poll stay tuned regarding what you like talking about the most? But, for now? As much as I love my straps I have begun to wear strapless bras. They have to stay up and either your breasts accomplish that or the bra band itself. Yet , I am really liking it.

This gaff panty not only helps you hide your genitals but also doubles as a shaping garment giving you padded hips and buttocks for a much more feminine appearance and body shape. These popular thigh-high crossdresser fishnet stockings feature a sexy back seam and stay up silicone lace tops. You can now experience the look and feel of full hips with these short skin-safe silicone hip pads by Dresstech. These are perfect for getting the realistic feminine look and these hip pads are great for shorter outfits and summer clothing.

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