Bts behind the scenes sweat and tears

[ENG] Blood, Sweat & Tears JPN ver. Making of MV

bts behind the scenes   sweat and tears

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With multiple chart-topping albums and a recent appearance on Saturday Night Live , K-Pop royalty BTS have, at this point, solidified their position as global-dominating superstars in a league of their own. But, chalk it up to their ostensible boy-band format , theories about the reasoning behind their U. And their rise is fundamentally based on their musicality and artistry, captured throughout their six-year catalogue — both together and solo — and in their standout performances.

BTS has gifted fans with a making-of video for their “Blood Sweat & Tears” music video! On October 24, the group shared a video that shows the.
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VIDEO: BTS drop making-of video for their 'Blood, Sweat, & Tears' MV

Read Blood Sweat & Tears from the story What Actually Goes On Behind The I' m going to be exposing BTS, they're absolute brats behind the scenes and they.
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[Photo] 161020 Behind-the-Scenes Photos of BTS ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’

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Even though many fans can sense the artistic presence to the video, the plot is fleeting at first glance. The MV, at first, seems to be just a compilation of interesting, somewhat dark visuals to pair with the near-confessional lyrics. The world of illusion is synonymous with a world of superficial and materialistic value, while the world of truth is equal to a world of truth, of reality, and of self-realization.

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