Dating and waiting on god

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Waiting On God For A Husband: Being Patient With Your Broken Heart

dating and waiting on god
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A Perfect Ending To Our Date But Wait Until Next Time

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Wait on God for a Spouse?… or Actively Date?

waiting on God for Date One of the most difficult things for Christian singles interested in dating is waiting on the Lord for that special soulmate.
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Waiting and Dating: Why God Matters

Why singleness is not a “season of waiting”

Jim advises on whether Christians should pursue finding a spouse , or simply wait on God to provide a husband or wife. There are some Christian leaders that counsel others to wait on God to bring their mate to them. Their counsel is to not date and just wait on God. I do not agree with this approach as a general principal. In the garden, are we to sit back and let Him take care of us? Or has He given us the charge to care for the garden and the weeding is ours? Yep, God clearly says that we are to work.

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