Throut and neck

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Throut and Neck

throut and neck

Break yo neck

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Rebecca Grant (American actress)

Rebecca Grant born December 11, , is an American actress., The year was

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Interactive Television: Are We There Yet?

Pain in the throat is one of the most common symptoms. Most sore throats are caused by infections, or by environmental factors like dry air. Sometimes, white patches or areas of pus will form on the tonsils.

It comes as no surprise that whenever says the words "GSN Original" to someone who is currently watching the network, they could be shuddering in fear because they just saw an episode of either Hidden Agenda or Carnie Wilson: Unwatchable I mean Unstapled. Although both of those shows sucked to no end, they aren't the first, and they most certainly won't be the last GSN originals to be god-awful. His long line of failures can be attributed to the fact that he's taken the Vince Russo approach of TV programming, in that being he just threw crap on the air just to see what stuck. Although he did have a couple of programs that stuck in Hollywood Showdown and another that escapes my memory at this point, one of his first was not only one of the worst programs for GSN, it was also one of the most boring programs in the networks history. Prepare to be witness to an Inquizition.

The year was I was winding down on college, a class or two left to go. The time was ripe for hanging around with friends at ungodly times like 4am and watching the lowest of trash tv. And Trash TV we did find. Her co-hosts were two computer generated monsters named Throut and Neck. These two fucks would crack really crappy jokes and puns while Becca kind of giggled and jiggled.

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