Stoked emma and ty kiss

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stoked emma and ty kiss

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Emma and Ty (Stoked) - End of All Time

Tyler Ridgemount

Kelly is a character on Stoked. She is voiced by Lauren Lipson.
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Emma has the habit of being quite clumsy and stutters when she is around Ty. However, no matter what she does such as spying on him and his date at the movies, spilling her drink on his date, showing the Office to a kook who later brings friends , and accidentally spitting a marshmallow in Ty's eye while stuck in an elevator , he does not get angry with Emma and is very patient and forgiving with her.

Ty-Emma relationship

Emma was sitting on her surf board in the bright blue ocean, daydreaming about her one and only ever crush, Ty. She looked up and saw Johnny paddling out to join her. He shrugged, "Nothing much," Emma guessed. Another voice that boomed out from the loudspeaker cut him off.

With Bummer no longer in charge, his ban on surfing against the staff had been overturned and those who had been forced to work seven days a week under Bummer's rule would now get weekends off again. Ridgemount also declared that those of the staff who had been cheated out of their pay by Bummer would get what they were owed. To celebrate their freedom from Bummer's tyranny, the groms and Johnny, along with Kelly and David, went into town that evening for burgers and fries at Starvin' Marvin's Drive-In, then they went to see a rare non-surfing-themed movie playing at the Big Wave Theatre, Speedy and Gomer Escape from the Looney Bin. After the events of the past week, the gang especially Fin were in need of a few good belly laughs, which that comedy film gave them to spare. After the movie ended and the gang returned to the hotel, Fin and Reef were the last ones to arrive in the hotel's west wing, where the female summer staff had moved into available guest rooms of their choice.

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