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Phineas and Ferb Have Some Fun [HENTAI]

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Five times Phineas unintentionally saw more of Isabella than he ever had before, and the first time he saw all of her on purpose. First base is kissing; second base varies regionally, but in this case is 'groping above the waist'. It was another day full of adventure and invention, helping Isabella and the Fireside Girls gain another patch.
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So this one-shot is a scene I separated from my story " Please Don't Read This Journal" which is in journal format, so if you want to read more about what happens between Isabella and Phineas following this incident or about what they're thinking about, feel free to read my latest update! You'll be able to follow along just the same! Even without stating the obvious, it came as no surprise to either of them that this situation was an awkward one - the kind that definitely wouldn't be forgotten by the time it was over. Not to mention a circumstance neither of them would've expected happening so early in the morning For now, this answer would have to do; it would be troublesome trying to explain the reason why she was sitting in a shrubbery at the northern end of Danville park, almost completely naked except for a pair of cotton panties, which were likely stained by now from the colored garden mulch beneath her. Her hands were occupied by her upper half, shielding her more feminine features with achy, frost-bitten fingers in an effort to protect what she might have already revealed to the public at some point in her outdoor stay, and her raven black hair felt as if it was doused in age-old molasses and reeked of seven-hour old cracked eggs. She was in one of the most familiar places in town, yet she was failing to comprehend the traumatic events that had taken place hours earlier that had put her there.

It was a beautiful day in front of the Googoplex Mall, Phineas was standing right in front of almost every one he knew, with no idea how he got there. Right beside him was Isabella, her lifelong friend and fiance, with a blushing face and a beautiful white dress. Then everything went black. Phineas wakes up in his bed, remembering the happy dream he just had. He looked down and he was wearing a tuxedo. Then he looked on the floor and saw a white dress. Phineas was totally confused.

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