In and out burger cups say hail satan

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in and out burger cups say hail satan
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Hail Satan

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Not Real: In N Out “Hail Satan” Cup

We are responsible for covering nine regional counties, 18 overall. C-T had a comment left on voicemail:. I got sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over and over, why not just run the video and audio once, and then I can read underneath on the screen!
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In-N-Out Burger Hail Satan

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Do In-N-Out Cups Contain ‘Hail Satan’ Messages?

Sign in. Harry Hart : [ to bigoted church lady ] I'm a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. So, hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon, madam. Harry Hart : [ Quoting Ernest Hemingway ] There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.

There are parts of the United States where no one has ever heard of In-N-Out Burger , a west coast fast food chain known for the quality of its food and cleanliness of its restaurants a fact , and rumored to be owned and operated by Christian fanatics an exaggeration. For the benefit of the uninitiated, the rumor exists, in large part, because one of the many quirky features of In-N-Out Burger is its policy of printing biblical citations on its packaging — "John " on the bottoms of soda cups, for example, "Proverbs " on milkshake cups and "Revelation " on burger wrappers. People find it odd and fascinating, especially the first time they encounter it, which is why there are hundreds of photos of these citations on the Internet. The devilish image has been making the Internet rounds for upwards of five years, and probably had its biggest spike in circulation when it turned up in a July 27, tweet by Weird Al Yankovic. Yankovic didn't create the image, mind you. According to Snopes. It's a hoax, of course.

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