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girls and guns naked
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Apr 19, Explore Francis Tripper's board "girls and guns", followed by Naked Military Girls: Photo Nylons, Military Women, Assault Rifle, Bang Bang.
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By Grady Hendrix on June 3, Want to see a year-old moppet roller-skate across the hood of a car and clock a maniac in the chin with her wheels? How about watching a blonde from Delaware disable four thugs with a wooden chair and a pair of handcuffs? Women have always kicked ass in Chinese movies. In the Sixties, Connie Chan usually cross-dressing as the male hero and Josephine Siao usually playing the heroine co-starred in numerous wuxia flicks, and Shaw Brothers gave us sword-slingers like Cheng Pei-pei and bare-knuckled beauties like Kara Hui. Girls with Guns movies featured international casts, exotic locations, lots of Uzis, a jackhammer pace, at least one fight on a construction site, some of the most synth-tastic scores of the Eighties, and many, many questionable hairstyles. At one point, Moon Lee is feeling a little blue after barbecuing a bus full of singing school kids.

Hot and Sexy Nude Girls with Guns. Girls and Guns. My daddy was my hero, but he was a shameless opportunist when it came to women. He could talk them into or out of just about anything and usually did. Well, things just kind of slowly ground south from there, and it was about that time I remembered to yell for daddy.

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