Double rain barrel hook up

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How to Connect Two Rain Barrels

double rain barrel hook up

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Tandem Rain Barrels

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how you can have two rain barrels where the first rain barrel overflows into the second one once it is nearly full., Did you get your barrels?

Updated on June 17, by Matt Hagens. If this is the case, it might be time to buy an additional rain barrel or storage container.
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Water is a valuable resource. It's also one that's easy to conserve with the help of a rain barrel, which can be found through local resale sites or ordered from retailers online.

This handy book is your first step toward participating in the fast-growing self-sufficiency movement. Even if you live on a small urban lot, you can take steps to gain a little more control over things you consume using the plans in this book. A ready supply of rainwater is also a reliable stand-by for emergency use if your primary water supply is interrupted. Collecting rainwater runoff in rain barrels can save thousands of gallons of tap water each year. A typical by- foot roof is capable of collecting 1, gallons of water from only one inch of rain. Sprinkling your lawn and garden can consume as much as 40 percent of the total household water use during the growing season. A simple rain barrel system that limits collected water to outdoor nonpotable use only, like the rain barrels described on the following pages, can have a big impact on the self-sufficiency of your home, helping you save on utility expenses and reducing the energy used to process and purify water for your lawn and garden.

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  1. Rain barrels are an inexpensive way to capture rainwater that otherwise would wash away Connecting two barrels in a series to double storage capacity is a.

  2. There are several methods that are useful for connecting two rain barrels in series in order to double the amount of rainwater collected.

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