Dating sevres porcelain marks

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Guide To Pottery & Porcelain Marks

dating sevres porcelain marks
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Sevres porcelain is very often marked with two blue-painted 'interlaced' Blue L marks enclosing date letter F and crescent painter's mark for.
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Porcelain and pottery marks - Sevres marks

We use cookies to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website., The Sevres double L mark was introduced in and in year letters were added to all Sevres marks.

Sevres Marks

Sevres porcelain history starts in when the Marquis Orry de Fulvy, brother of the Minister of Finance, obtained from the French king Louis XV a licence to manufacture porcelain in the Saxon manner., Sevres marks and Limoges queries are something we get far less of in terms of solving unknown markings here in the China Chat discussions of this website.

In , almost 30 years after first European porcelain was produced in Meissen, the successful attempt to create soft paste porcelain was undertaken in French Vincennes. The factory from the very beginning operated as the "Manufacture royale". In Marquis Orry de Fulvy died and the king obtained 25 percent of the factory. Early French porcelain imitated Meissen pieces.


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  1. A date-lettering system was introduced around A list of the factory's decorators' marks can be found in David Peters, Sevres Plates and Services of the.

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