What the fuck guy

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This guy doesnt know anything: the inside story of Trumps shambolic transition team

what the fuck guy
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Tucker Carlson: That Time I Told a Guy to Go Fuck Himself Was 'Heartfelt'

Thu 27 Sep - Tourette's Guy is a website devoted to the antics of an alleged Tourette's Syndrome-sufferer named Danny.

Sign in. Marlon Wayans explains how a White Chicks sequel could still be in the future, even 15 years after the movie's first release.
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On Wednesday, NowThis News released some unaired, leaked footage of Fox News host Tucker Carlson fully losing his shit when historian Rutger Bregman called him out for being a "millionaire funded by billionaires," and it is really, truly remarkable., Please help.

Sign in. The comedic actor has his summer movie plans set but has catching up to do when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Watch now. The Fabulous Journey of Michael Alago A documentary film about session and touring musicians that are hired by well established and famous bands and artists like Metallica, KISS, and Billy Joel. These hired guns may not be household names, but are still masters of their craft. A joyride that delves deep into the mind of rock and roll's greatest living photographer: Mick Rock.


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