Jax taylor military

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Jax Taylor

jax taylor military
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Jason Michael Cauchi born July 11, , known professionally as Jax Taylor is an American television personality, model, and actor. He has a sister, Jenny Lynn. He was raised Catholic and attended church until he was 19 years old.
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Jax Taylor: Caught Lying About His Military Service?

There has long been a cloud of suspicion over Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor's claims to have served in the U.S. military. Jax has.
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Was Jax Taylor really in the Navy for 4 years? Here’s everything we know

For seven seasons now, Jax Taylor has persistently confounded and baffled Vanderpump Rules viewers.
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Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor may the best thing to ever hit reality television. - If you know one thing about Jax Taylor, you know that he lies.

Jax Taylor Just Spilled All of His Secrets to... Himself?!

Jax has previously stated that he served four years in the Navy , and was stationed aboard the aircraft carrier Roosevelt out of Norfolk, Virginia. However, it does appear that Jax fudged the amount of time he served — by quite a bit. In the past 24 hours a certain individual who claims to have a team behind them has tried very hard to slander my name and reputation. My entire family, especially my father was extremely proud of me and i remember the tears in his eyes watching me at my graduation ceremony. How dare someone try to tarnish such an integral part of my life and spew such wrongful lies and accusations. I have not taken this lightly and consequences will be dealt with. Dave Hardin from the website thisainthell.

We've gotten a front-row seat to the highs and lows of Jax Taylor 's life for four seasons on Vanderpump Rules.

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  1. Jax Taylor claims to have served in the US Navy. Now, fans and journalists are accusing the Vanderpump Rules star of stolen valor.

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