Girls fighting in parking lot

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Females Fighting In A Parking Lot At A Halloween After Party!

girls fighting in parking lot

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6 girls charged in brawl in high school parking lot caught on camera

A mother has been charged with murder after allegedly dropping her baby son and killing him during a fight outside a beauty store.
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By Dailymail. A vicious fight between teenage girls that was caught on camera is under investigation by the Houston Police Department. Footage of the brawl was shared on Twitter on Sunday night.

According to police, Aneshia Cartret is charged with contributing to delinquency of a juvenile. She was arrested at Friday morning and posted bond within a half hour of being in custody. The police report says Cartret's daughter was fighting with the another girl last Wednesday in the Whiteville Plaza parking lot about something posted on Facebook. Superintendent Dan Strickland said the woman was indeed at the fight and went on leave at the end of last week. Strickland could not disclose any more details because it is a personnel issue. An anonymous viewer mailed a video of two under aged girls in Columbus County fighting in a parking lot to the newsroom earlier this week.

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