American dad weed episode

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Jeff and The Dank Ass Weed Factory

american dad weed episode

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When Roger finds out that Hayley's boyfriend, Jeff, is wanted in Florida for smuggling marijuana, he and Stan turn into bounty hunters and chase Jeff across the.
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Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory

Four American Dad Stoner Moments

Since the cartoon has the same type of humor as Family Guy and South Park, there is no holding back when it comes to illicit references. Joint Custody Stan and Roger Stan, the always-against-everything-illegal guy, finds out that his daughters boyfriend Jeff has an outstanding warrant for pot smuggling in Florida and decides to trick him back into the sunshine state so he can be rid of him for good. After starting a fire in the barn, they become incredibly high and get lost in a convenient store looking at snacks and cat food. Classic stoner move. The People Vs Martin Sugar Francine and Jeff Jeff moves into the Smith home and is told that he can no longer smoke weed which he initially agrees to, but we soon find out that he will chronically masturbate without it. Francine catches Jeff multiple times everywhere from the bathroom to the pantry before she decides she has had enough and agrees to allow Jeff to smoke. Roger decides that to catch a stoner, you have to be stoned.

Joint Custody Stan and Roger act like bounty hunters and try to catch Jeff but lose the bounty. Since Stan cannot legally have the van towed, as it is not on his property, he has it destroyed. However, this leads to Jeff moving in with the Smiths, so that he begins to annoy Stan more than ever. Hayley explains that he has nowhere else to go, as he had not spoken to his father for years and "his mother ran away before he was born. Stan decides to turn Jeff in. Roger wants to do so as well, if solely for the money, so he can buy more disguises but Stan takes off with Jeff without Roger, incurring the alien's wrath.

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  1. Jeff wins a tour through a mysterious weed factory and brings Stan along. Title: Jeff and The Dank Ass Weed Factory (13 May ) Stan Smith / Roger the Alien / Greg Corbin (voice).

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