̧짱 걸 벗방

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Russian alphabet

짱짱 걸 벗방
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RU1831709C - Method of a manufacture of a soft contact lens - Google Patents

Traditional fact checking by expert journalists cannot keep up with the enormous volume of information that is now generated online. - The modern Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters.

1 [, Sun -1, --, -︗-), :wy ;.' Jul. v Y ~ 1". . _, m 'will -, ( l'r-,u-,q l.; ' 3 I* J..\I' '1~II|;. Q,Illu MI: .
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The invention relates to the field of medical technology, more particularly to ophthalmic art, and can be used for vision correction contact. The object of the invention is to provide a method for producing soft contact lenses whose performed by operation and are used in specific concentrations of reactants, would improve the performance of the soft contact lens obtained by the intended manner, by increasing the physical and mechanical properties while retaining the high moisture content and reducing allergic reactions when it is used.

(Jung Joon Young)



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