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burmese women nude
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Myanmar's Sexual Revolution

It is approximately 2 metres 6. The cloth is often sewn into a cylindrical shape. It is worn around the waist, running to the feet.

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He simply invites female models to the forecourt bathing place of his home and asks them to take a shower. The provocative series depicts Burmese women in the process of bathing, with water glistening on their skin and wrapping a sarong tightly to their feminine figures. That has not prevented some people with conservative predilections from complaining that his paintings are a bit too revealing and racy, he acknowledged.

However, there are or have been some that go way beyond usual. Check out some of the most bizarre banknotes ever issued. Being interested in astrology and numerology, Burmese dictator Ne Win found denominations of paper money to be of great importance. One day he thought it would be cool to celebrate his birthday by issuing a new banknote.

At Mojo, a busy, upscale bar in Yangon, foreign NGO workers, teachers and entrepreneurs sip on Myanmar beer and dance to the latest techno beats among a trendy crowd of young, privileged Burmese. But in deeply conservative Myanmar a state ruled by a brutal military junta until , and which hosted its first open general election in 25 years on Sunday such scenes are an increasingly common phenomenon. Some women are challenging strict gender roles, experts say, while more teenage sweethearts are having sex, a small LGBT scene is emerging and society is becoming more permissive. Sure, it might not be San Francisco in the s, but in its own subtle way, Myanmar is undergoing a sexual revolution.

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