Man makes woman orgasm

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The Reason Guys Want To Make You Orgasm Isn't About You

man makes woman orgasm
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Speaking as a male, I can't think of anything that remotely equals the thrill of an orgasm. What's weird is that, for all the attention it receives, the male orgasm doesn't get talked about in much detail despite the fact that there can be a huge difference in intensity from one to the next.
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Real Women Share 9 Tips For How to Give Them an Orgasm

It's not enough that men are already having more orgasms than women. - Does your girlfriend or wife look bored as hell during and after sex?

Increased blood supply causes the vulva to swell, and fluid to The female orgasm typically lasts longer than the male at an.
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Author Emma Koenig spoke to The Times about the gulf between men's perception of the pleasure they give women - and what women actually feel during sex. So it's no surprise that 72 per cent of women admitted that their partner climaxes but makes no attempt to help them finish. Tut-tut, boys!
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Suddenly sliding away from that peak is disappointing, to say the least. That's doubly true for women, many of whom find it much harder to achieve orgasm during penetrative sex. In fact, according to a recent survey, only 65 percent of heterosexual women consistently reach the pinnacle of pleasure during sex.

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The female orgasm may be difficult to whittle down to an exact science, but a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior has some interesting new insights. As Glamour summarizes , researchers found that women who have had a same-sex experience, focus on foreplay, communicate openly with their partner, and switch things up in the bedroom have more frequent orgasms. What's more, women who reported being happier and more satisfied in their relationships also orgasmed with more regularity than those who were dissatisfied in their relationships. The study analyzed the orgasm frequencies of 52, people, 26, of whom identified as heterosexual men, as gay men, as bisexual men, as lesbian women, as bisexual women, and 24, as heterosexual women. But why the chasm between heterosexual and homosexual women?

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