I wet my nappy

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Almost 4 year old deliberately using her night nappy as a toilet

i wet my nappy

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I threw the nappies away and went inside. Sam saw my pants all wet. She took me to the bathroom and started washing my hand as I explained what happened.
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Wetting nappy during the night

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Uncontrolled Wetting in Diapers Only

Also called "conditional incontinence", wetting like a baby only when wearing diapers might seem like the best of both worlds. It might offer easy, carefree wetting, but not the sense of being "back in diapers", forever dependent on them. It is the flipside of having a shy bladder ; being unable to not wet the diaper, as opposed to being unable to wet it.

Why Night Nappies and Night Pottying / ec Are A Great Combination

During the day, wet pants mean something. With no pants at all, your toddler can look down and see the wee forming a puddle around their feet. Cause and effect.

EVERY morning Olivia Robbin wakes up in a panic, knowing exactly what has happened - and feeling utterly powerless to stop it. The retail banker has struggled with bed-wetting her entire life and now sleeps wearing an adult nappy due to an overactive bladder.

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  1. Cleverly designed to enable you to carry dry and dirty nappies altogether in one place.

  2. I wet the bed every single night and have to wear nappies at the age of . "My mum has always supported me and done everything she could.

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